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  • a football post?! — Xi’an’s Og

    I am not interested in football, neither as a player (a primary school trauma when I was the last being picked!) or as a fan, contrary to my dad (who was a football referee in his youth) and my kids, but Gareth Roberts (University of Warwick) and Jeff Rosenthal wrote a paper on football draws […]…

  • CSIR NET 2019 Solutions

    Suppose a normal QQ-plot is drawn using a reasonably large sample x1,x2,…xn from an unknown probability distribution. For which of the following distribution would you expect the QQ-plot to be convex (J-shaped)? 1. Beta(5,1)2. Exponential(1)3. Uniform(0,1)4. Geometric(1/2) The following facts would help to guess the answer: